Event Objective

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Malaysia is a rapidly developing nation and being part of ASEAN is taking the initiative to encourage the development of the franchise industry growth in the ASEAN region so that it can assists to realise the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint (AEC) by 2015.

AFFES 2013 encompasses these objectives:

  • Meeting the AEC goals of becoming a highly competitive economic region and a region of where equitable economic development will happen.
  • Integrating ASEAN into the global economy.
  • Aims to assists companies and individuals entering emerging markets in the ASEAN countries, constantly looking for new growth opportunities.
  • To promote the products and services made in the ASEAN countries to the global markets.
  • To encourage local entrepreneurs to convert their businesses into franchise.
  • To encourage companies to network, share their knowledge and exchange ideas on franchising products and services available in the market and identify desirable prospects.